Articles and Schematics

Angel series - Distortion schematics and article by WGThickPresence.

Bazz Fuss / Buzz Box - Build notes, schematics, and perfboard layouts.

Big Muff Pi - Build notes.

Differential Distortion - Build notes, photo, perfboard layout.

EA Tremolo - A few improvements to a DIY classic. Schematic and and PCB/perfboard layouts.

Electra Distortion - The lowdown on the octave-down.

Electro-Harmonix Bad Stone - Circuit board photos and sound clips.

Foxx Tone Machine - Build notes, photo, mods.

Harmonic Jerkulator - Build notes, perfboard layout, and links.

Highway 89 - A perfboard layout for the Doug Hammond design.

How to remove Ross knobs - As always, having the right tool makes it easy.

Multi-Face - Inspired by Tim Escobedo's "The Many Faces of Fuzz." Build notes, photo, and PCB/perfboard layouts.

New Clipper - Article, schematic, photos, and layouts for perfboard or PCB.

Neoctavia - Designed by A. Colman.

Nurse Quacky - Dr. Q-based envelope-controlled filter. Schematic, build notes, perfboard layout, and photo.

Odie - FET overdrive developed as a Tube Screamer alternative. Schematic and perfboard layout.

Purple Peaker - Schematic, photo, build notes.

Red Ranger - Updated schematic and perfboard layout.

Ross Distortion - Schematics, PCB layout, and photos.

Ross Flanger - Photos and sound clips.

Ross Phaser - Schematics, photos, sound clips, version guide.

Sili-Face - Improved Silicon Fuzz Face. Schematic, build notes, photo, and PCB/perfboard layouts.

Sili-Face II - A less bombastic version of its predecessor. Schematic and and PCB/perfboard layouts.

Tantalus Project - A refined Fuzz Face. Schematic and PCB layout.

3 Legged Dog - 4049-based distortion. Schematic, PCB/perfboard layout, and photos.

Tonebender Mk II - Notes and experiments with different transistors.

Tonebender Mk X - More experimenting, with a modified schematic.

Tonebender Mutants - Article and schematic based on the Tonebender Mk II, by WGThickPresence.

Uglyface - Build report, perfboard layouts, photos, and mods.

Untavia - The Tycobrahe Octavia, minus the octave.

Wah-wah mods - As performed on my Vox V847.

Whisker Biscuit - Big Muff Pi variant using Bazz Fuss as clipping stage. Schematic and and PCB/perfboard layouts.

Other Stuff

Fuzz Trek - Notes on the fuzzes I've built.

Gear - Photos of items from my collection.

Homemade Guitars - My first foray into DIY.