Electro-Harmonix Bad Stone phase shifter

Electro-Harmonix Bad Stone.

Photos of the Bad Stone circuit board.
Click to view a larger version of each photo.

Bad Stone circuit board, component side
component side
Bad Stone circuit board, x-ray
Bad Stone circuit board, reverse

Sound Clips

The Bad Stone, as you can see in the top photo, has three controls: Rate, Blend, and a Color switch. This is the earliest of the three versions of Bad Stone phase shifters manufactured by Electro-Harmonix.

I used a percentage to descibe the rotation of the knobs since the Bad Stone pots are upside down in relation to most other effects (when the knob is turned down, the pointer is at about 1:00 in clock terms).

Clip 1:
Blend 100%, Rate 50%, Color= Phase (169k)
Clip 2:
Blend 100%, Rate 0%, Color= Phase (178k)
Clip 3:
Blend 75%, Rate 100%, Color= Vibrato (179k)
Clip 4:
Blend 75%, Rate 75%, Color switched from Phase to Vibrato during clip (180k)

Clips were recorded:  Pretty guitar - effect - Bulldog Cab Sim - sound card

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