Wood Shop: 3 credits

During the final semester of my senior year at college, I took an art class as an elective. I chose the course, Design in Wood I, based on the fact that I had recently become interested in woodworking (and I needed another elective). So, anyway, we had two projects in the course:

Well, the carved vessel I came up with was pretty goofy. It turned out as a combination bud vase / chips-n-dip bowl. Scary stuff. Thankfully, I gave it away. May it forever curse the recipient with splinters.

The table turned out much better. We were told to sketch ideas, then the professor would look them over and comment. A marginal doodle of a "guitar" table caught her eye, and she asked about it. Encouraged by her interest, I chose to make a guitar table.

The Guitar Table
Click for enlarged view

And it turned out nicely, considering that I broke a leg (on the table) while building it and repainted the damn thing about 16 times before settling on a spiffy metallic blue.


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