Tantalus Project

by Gary Burchett

The last thing I need is another Fuzz Face.

But, there is voodoo in the combination of 2 pots, 4 resistors, three caps and two transistors.

There are many who have rightfully touted the positive aspects of the Fuzz Face's sound and "feel." Like anything else, there is room for improvement. There are a few negative points that I want to address for my personal Fuzz Face pedal.

This circuit works well for me. I have better flexibility over the sound and it meets all of my goals listed above. I encourage you to experiment with the Fuzz Face and try tweaking some of the parts you never tried before.

Now, if I could just make a box that auto-corrects bad notes in realtime...

Thanks to Jack Orman, Gus Smalley, RG Keen, B Tremblay, my bandmates, and my wife and daughter for the ideas, suggestions, complaints, etc. Also big thanks to the forum members for freely sharing ideas. Rock on, brothers and sisters.

Listen to it!

Pablo De Luca (aka Gringo) contributed a PCB layout for the Tantalus Project (PDF, 154k)

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