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Supro 16Taround 1965 Tube amp, with tremolo. Beautiful tone.
Ampeg Rocket II about 1968Tube, with tremolo and reverb.
Sounds incredible with a fuzz pedal.
Fender Musicmaster Bass1976A tube amp, I use it for guitar rather than bass.
Nice and simple, I use it the most often.
Sundown 1012C 1984 100 watts (very loud!), two channels, all tube,
with reverb (which recently stopped working).
Doesn't like effect pedals, though.
Fender "Rad Bass"1994 Solid-state, a really clean amp with good sound.
Emily says she can always tell when I'm
playing this one because it doesn't sound as good!
Pignose 7-100 1998 Solid-state, portable, uses 6 AA batteries.
Great built-in distortion.

Commercial Effects
Electro-Harmonix Bad Stonearound 1975A phase shifter, found in the basement
Ross Distortionaround 1978 A great, sturdy distortion pedal.
Bought it for 15 dollars.
Ross Flanger 1979AC powered, lots of sounds available.
Ross Phaser 1979Another Ross winner!
Barcus-Berry Preamp 1970sAcoustic guitar preamp, found in a barn!
Useful for recording direct to a sound card.
Vox V847 Wah-wah 1997For the funkier days.
Danelectro Cool Cat 1998 Chorus pedal
MXR Blue Box 2000Octave-down generator & fuzz.
Very unique, with a chaotic personality.
Akai Intelliphase 2002Phase shifter, very inexpensive.

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